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Our Robosapien Review

The ToyLike team haven’t had a chance to review Robosapien yet. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find the retailer’s descriptions and user reviews below of use…

Using a programmable remote control , he walks, strikes, throws, grabs, dances and speaks fluent “caveman”. Dance, Kung-Fu and Cheeky demo modes .

Brand: Wow Wee
Age Suitability: 4 Years +
Battery Requirements: 3 x AAA
Supplier Care Line:…

Feisty, moody and filled with personality, Robosapien is a humanoid with attitude that comes to life at your command and performs amazing tasks. Using the ergonomic remote control, you can command Robosapien to perform up to 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, high-five, whistle, dance and three different karate moves.Robosapien is fully programmable. He can perform a programmed chain of commands in any combination of moves that you select. For example, you can create your own dance sequence or program him to walk straight, turn left and give your buddy a high five. The fully articulated Robosapien fluid biomechanical movements and pendulum walking motion makes his movements appear more human than robotic. This attribute separates Robosapien from less sophisticated entertainment robots on the market. Robosapien’s impressive flexibility is evident as he walks in two different speeds, dances and easily handles 180 degree turns.Robosapien comes equipped with two types of three pronged grippers, ribbed for increased traction. He can pick up objects such as cups, socks, pencils and other small light objects.Sure to keep you on your toes ? Robosapien reacts to both touch and sound signals from his environment. His Interactive Reflex System (IRF) uses a total of six sensors strategically located throughout his body to detect obstructions. Sensors in his feet allow him to recognize and avoid obstacles without help, as he moves backwards or forwards with ease. Select one of his sensor programs and Robosapien will respond to a sharp sound or to touch.Robosapien has three demo modes ? with a touch of a button ? let him dance for you or do his own thing! Easy to use, the Robosapien is fully functional right out of the box, requiring no complex set up. No computer is required, all functions are handled by the ergonomic remote control. Robosapien provides more than six hours of continuous entertainment. And he automatically shuts down after he’s been idle for more than 20 minutes!Click here for more info on all the Robo family, grab yourself a wallpaper or play the mini-games to test your skills!

Robosapien overview

The EAN number for the Robosapien is 771171180814

This toy costs approximately £59.99 (for the latest and best prices make sure you check our retailer list for the Robosapien above).

In our review of Robosapien we classed it as being suitable for ages , , but recommend you check the manufacturer specific advice before purchasing.

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