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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity 3DS


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The ToyLike team haven’t had a chance to review Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity 3DS yet. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find the retailer’s descriptions and user reviews below of use…

Discover the incredible 3D world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, where Pokemon speak and amazing adventures are always nearby! What’s more, you will become a Pokemon yourself! You’ll meet all kinds of Pokemon throughout the game, both in the towns you’ll visit and the Mystery Dungeons you’ll explore.

Have fun exploring more than 20 dungeons filled with all kinds of Pokemon, treasure, and surprises! Each of the dungeons you’ll explore has unique characteristic…

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a game where the play becomes one of 5 Pokemon’s – Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott or Axew Suitable for the Nintendo 3DS: As one of these Pokemon he joins up with a Pokemon partner and works together to build a Pokemon Paradise, a place that will appeal to all Pokemon. All Pokemon need to explore Mystery Dungeon area’s to battle Pokemon and look for hidden items. Explore the infinite possibilities of the Mystery Dungeon for the 1st time in 3D. Never explore the same dungeon twice with over 20 different Mystery Dungeons that change every time a player enters. Build and expand Pokemon Paradise with shops, facilities and games. Discover magnagates using the 3DS camera and feature and enter Mystery Dungeons from anywhere in the real world. Companion mode let’s up to 4 players explore Mystery Dungeon together for the 1st time. For ages 3 years and over; EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 45496523503.

The EAN number for this toy is 45496523503

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