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Pig Goes Pop Board Game


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Pig Goes Pop! It’s tense, it’s thrilling – it’s the hilarious new pig popping kids action game. Pick a burger to feed the pig and pump up his tummy, but watch out or he could go pop! For 2 – 6 players….

With Pig Goes Pop, the tension will mount as you continuously feed burgers to the greedy pig. Watch his stomach get bigger and bigger and be prepared for when he finally goes pop! A fun-filled game which will have your children shrieking with laughter! Feed burgers to the pig and watch his tummy grow until he pops. His arms snap out and his jacket flys open! Board game information: Contents: 1 x Piggy chef, 4 x purple burgers, 4 x red burgers, 4 x yellow burgers, 4 x green burgers and 1 x die. 2-6 players. General information: For ages 4 years and over; As seen on TV; EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 5019150001169. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Lion Mark The Lion Mark is a symbol of Toy Safety. All our toys are tested for compliance with exactly the same approved safety standard. 2 Questions 3 Answers

The EAN number for this toy is 5019150001169

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