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Youngsters will have a grin as big as the Cheshire Cat’s when they get their hands on the fun-filled The B. Meowsic Play Keyboard. This clever instrument is packed with features including: Five different music modes including rock, blues, samba, techno and disco Five different key sounds including piano, bells, meow, organ and banjo Volume and tempo controls to turn up those beats A play and record button to playback masterpieces 20 familiar songs amd seven witty kitty tunes built in A retract…

B Meowsic makes five different sounds such as piano, bells, meow, organ and banjo! Not only this, Meowsic also has five different modes to choose from such as rock, blues, samba, techno and disco; there is plenty to choose from so toddlers won’t get bored. If that isn’t enough, Meowsic features volume and tempo buttons to speed and turn up those beats, a play and record button which enables toddlers to record their own masterpiece and then play it back. There are 20 familiar songs to play and seven witty kitty tunes that will play from your speakers with just one click of a button! Anything worth saying is worth saying louder, which is why there is most importantly a retractable mic to amplify that wonderful singing! General information: Batteries required: 4 x AA (included); For ages 2 years and over. EAN: 062243228726 WARNING(S): Only for domestic use. * 7492776 29.99. 1 Question 1 Answer

The EAN number for this toy is 62243228726

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