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Little Tikes Large Car Carrier


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Giant rig comes with 2 sleek sports cars. Ramp flips down to load the 2 cars inside….

Hit the road with the Little Tikes Large Car Carrier. Ideal for transporting your toy vehicles, this large truck features free moving wheels and comes with two speedy sport cars. The flip down ramp allows you get your vehicles on and off the carrier easily – once you’ve loaded up the lorry, set off on your journey! When you reach your destination roll the cars off the carrier, unhitch the lorry cab from the trailer and drive it away. The Little Tikes Large Car Carrier is suitable for little truckers aged 3 and up.Ideal for transporting your toy cars, this Large Car Carrier from Little Tikes includes two sports cars for you to transport! Features flip down ramp to get your vehicles easily onto the carrier.

The EAN number for this toy is 50743166969

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