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Our CLUEDO Review

The ToyLike team haven’t had a chance to review CLUEDO yet. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find the retailer’s descriptions and user reviews below of use…

The party everyone’s dying to attend. New weapons, new rooms, more suspense! The modern setting with new quickplay and power cards increase the tension. Cluedo will keep you in suspense until you solve the most famous crime in history. For 3 – 6 players….

Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black’s been murdered in his mansion. Now it’s up to you to crack the case! Question everything to unravel the mystery. Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Ransack the mansion for clues, ask cunning detective questions and leave no card unturned. Solve the murder first to win.Become the next Sherlock Holmes and put you detective skills to the test with Cluedo.The classic who-dunnit game is back with a modern twist and features new characters and a two-player version.Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black has been murdered in his mansion and it’s up to you to crack the case.Investigate everything to unravel the mystery and leave no card unturned. Ransack the mansion for clues and ask cunning questions – Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Solve the murder first to win the game.Full of suspense, Cludeo is suitable for 2-6 players aged 8 and up. It comes with everything you need to find out who committed the crime including:Game board1 x Yellow murder envelope1 x detective notepad6 x Character tokens21 x Black Cluedo cards13 x Red bonus cards6 x Weapon tokens2 x DiceGame guide

CLUEDO overview

The EAN number for the CLUEDO is 5010994321833

This toy costs approximately £15.99 (for the latest and best prices make sure you check our retailer list for the CLUEDO above).

In our review of CLUEDO we classed it as being suitable for ages , but recommend you check the manufacturer specific advice before purchasing.

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